Ghana &Togo Overview! (Jan. 2022)

Our Natural Roots Tours presents to you an inspiring journey through Ghana and Togo West Africa!

Below is an outline of everything your package includes and does not include.

**Please read this list very carefully so that awareness remains present.**


Your package ***does*** include:

~~~Daily Breakfast and Dinner (Meals served for the tour will have a plant-based focus--vegan/vegetarian. However, we can accommodate all who eats otherwise.)

~~~Guesthome/Hotel Accommodations

~~~Transportation and Tours throughout Ghana and Togo

~~~ Access to all sites and activities 

Your Package ***does not*** include 

x---- Lunch

x---- Visa for Ghana $60 Single Entry, $100 Multiple Entry 1-5years

x---- (PCR) Covid-19 Test before departure to Ghana, Covid-19 Test on Arrival in Ghana, and Covid-19 Test on departure from Ghana to country of residence


 *****Please read carefully so there is absolute clarity on what is being purchased*****

Package includes entry to all sites that are listed below 

ACCRA: The Pan-African Village of Our Natural Roots (Nsawam), Accra Mall, Kwame Nkrumah Memorial, W.E.B. Dubois Center, Art Center 

CAPE COAST: Assin Manso, Cape Coast Dungeon, Kakum National Park, Crocodile Pond, Elmina Dungeon, One Africa Guesthouse

VOLTA REGION: KASI Project, Mt. Afadjato, Tagbo Falls, (Optional- Wli Falls), Monkey Sanctuary 

TOGO (Optional): TBA (To Be Announced)


~~~Being a part of this West African tour will also include advice, wisdom, and information pertaining to investing into Ghana, how to purchase authentic land in Ghana, and also access to a company of construction workers who will willingly build a home for you from the ground up in Ghana!~~~




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  • When is the next tour if l have already missed this one please send me information on my up and coming tours very much keen on this.

    Naomi Peters

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