Ghana Visa Information!

To gain entry into Ghana, one must possess:

-Valid Passport

-Ghanaian Visa (from the Embassy of Washington D.C. if coming from America).

    -Yellow Fever Vaccine is not needed to enter Ghana because we have worked out ways around that with the Ghanaian Immigration Officers. Email me at for further information.

-The Covid-19 Vaccine is no longer required as of January 6th 2023 🎉. A negative Covid-19 test is no longer needed as well! 

- If you are vaccinated simply bring your vaccination cards to Ghana




---As for the Ghanaian Visa, please read these requirements for a successful application carefully from the Ghanaian Embassy in Washington D.C. Embassy. The link to the official website is below! Email me at so we can help you with the Visa acquisition process!

To apply for your Ghanaian Visa, click the link to the official website below!