Payment Solutions and Plans!

This page will describe what Payment Options we have, and the payment plans that are available! Africa is calling! This is an investment in Our Future~~~



Our Preferable Payment Option: Zelle. Our Zelle is Zelle is free of charge to send funds.

Option #2 : Debit/Credit on PayPal (our PayPal is, and also PayPal Transfer (transfer funds from one PayPal account to the next,

Option #3: Cash App. This option is also free. My Cash App being $MyNaturalRoots777 

We will be notified when a deposit has been placed in either PayPal or Zelle, and with same email used to pay, we will send an invoice.




****We are open to receiving other forms of payment that are not listed! For quick response please call me directly at (America) 470 947 4993, email me at or Whats App Message me directly at 233 26 318 8768. Each time a payment is made, you will receive an invoice in your email***

*****The price for International plane ticket (NEW YORK,JFK TO ACCRA, GHANA, AND AFTER TOUR, ACCRA TO NEW YORK,JFK ONLY), and full accommodations on the ground for the duration of the tour (hotel/guesthomes, entrance to sites, daily breakfast and dinner) plus extra surprises!! is $4,800.

*****The price for full accommodations on the ground (hotel/guesthomes, entrance to all sites, transportation, daily breakfast/dinner), (& other great surprises!) with flight excluded is 3,300USD.

An insurance deposit is required for your trip. An initial deposit of $500 USD holds your place (Currently there are only 12 Spots Available To Travel Ghana with us) Be careful in knowing your initial deposit of $500 USD is ****Non-Refundable***.

We are working hard in regards to our planning for the tour and this deposit will let us know who is serious about coming to Ghana with us 🇬🇭!

Every month during the 1st and 5th you will be expected to make a payment toward your Ghana  trip. The pricing per month depends on the package you are purchasing. 


Your $500 deposit is due April 2023 and your monthly installments will begin May 1st-5th and the monthly duration ending Sept 1st-5th. 

With Flight included (after $500 USD Deposit) every 1st-5th of each month your payment will be

$860USD. (500+860x5=4800)

With Flight excluded (after $500 Deposit) every 1st-5th of each month your payment will be

$560 USD. (500+560x5=3300)



 Any Payment made after the 5th of each month will incur a $90 Late Fee added to your payment due for that specific month. 


The tour member is also able to pay more than the base amount due. Every time a payment is made, an invoice will be emailed to you with amount paid and remaining balance. The payment system on the 5th of each month is simply just a guiding system to help keep the tour member financially on schedule.

Any questions, comments, or concerns please contact me at or Whats App Message me at 233 26 318 8768. 


**As we are conducting the tour in Ghana 🇬🇭 , we will also accept tips and kind offerings that you are moved to give. All is recycling into helping to build the Pan African Village of Our Natural Roots! This Village is a place where Africans from all over the world can meet and put together ideas to strengthen the ties/ communication/support between the Diaspora and African Continent! Read more about it here!**

Do contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. We will be able to work it out!!!









  • I’m a Ghanaian who has been living in CA in the US with my family for the past 13 years. Looking at the way blacks are treated here, it is good that those of you from the US are retracing your way back to Africa. I admire your zeal and enterprise in promoting that goal. I believe that you’re also contributing to development and progress in Ghana, and I salute you for that. I’ll visit your site whenever I come home to Ghana.
    You’re safer in Ghana by not fearing being shot by the police like others, and what happened in Ohio yesterday (Ohio officer kills 20-year-old Black man seconds after opening his bedroom door).

    Chrys Brobbey
  • Greetings brethren what airline are been in use

    Kathlene Charles
  • Grateful For All The Beautiful Souls Involved In Conducting This Beautiful Experience Thank You🙏🏾✨1💛

    Brittney Watkins
  • Thanks n Praises 🙌🏾🙏🏾

    Davone Bess

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