🌴🍌Raw Ghanaian Plantain Leaf Soap! (Mixed with Cocoa 🍫 Pod)🍌🌴🇬🇭

🌴🍌Raw Ghanaian Plantain Leaf Soap! (Mixed with Cocoa 🍫 Pod)🍌🌴🇬🇭

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🌴🍌NEW Product I personally shipped from Ghana 🇬🇭 West Africa! Raw Plantain Leaf Soap (Mixed with Cocoa 🍫 Pod) awaits you and your family… (price is for one soap)

It’s great for:

•Pulling impurities out of the skin (our largest organ)

•Suds very well, can be used to wash things in the home 🏠 , such as dishes, clothes, etc 🧼 

•The properties in Plantain 🍌 Leaf 🍃 contain germicidal and antibacterial properties, which makes it that much more useful in the prevention of acne if applied topically 

• Soothes scars, & insect bites 👑

•Great for washing and remineralizing of the hair

🇬🇭How Is It Made🍌+🍫=🧼 🤔!?

A preparer plucks the leaf of a plantain, and combines it with a Cocoa pod. It is then pounded together and creates an amazing soap🍌🧼🍫!

I haven’t used another soap since finding this! Highly recommend!

(Fast Shipping📦📬⚡️)