OCTOBER 2023 My Natural Roots Ghana Tour Itinerary!!!

Ghana West Africa Awaits You!!!! 

11 Day Ghana Tour Dates:

October 2023!!!!




Below is a comprehensive day-by-day break down of where we will be journeying!

DAY 1! (OCTOBER 6th)

Akwaaba, in the Ghanaian language of Twi means Welcome! 

The group will arrive at Kotoka Airport, and we will get settled in hotel. Once everyone is settled, we will sit down, reason, and become acquainted with each other!

DAY 2! (OCTOBER 7th)

We know the air travel into Ghana was quite the trip! So let's take it easy on our first full day in our Beautiful African Continent! We will take a 20 minute drive from our hotel in the Aburi Mountains! Here we will visit the great Aburi Botanical Gardens and have a plant-based lunch at the Inity Juice Bar! Empress Imara, the owner, is originally from New York and Atlanta respectively. She has received Ghanaian Citizenship, and has been living in Ghana for over the past 20 years! Lets converse with her wide range of experiences!

 DAY 3! (OCTOBER 8th)



On Day 3 we will all take the trip down to Cape Coast, a space that is home to a growing community of Africans from the Diaspora who feel an intense connection to this place. 


On our way to the Cape Coast, we will first stop at Assin Manso, also known as "The Last Bath". This is a river where Africans were taken to wash their bodies for the last time, then they were branded with a hot iron, and tragically sent to Cape Coast Dungeon or other Dungeons along the West African Coast.


After Assin Manso, we will continue journeying deeper into Cape Coast and visit the Cape Coast Dungeon. This dungeon is a space where countless Africans were held awaiting to be perilously shipped from West Africa to the Western World. A history guide will journey with us through the dungeons to enlighten us on what exactly took place during the time the Dungeon was operating.

After Cape Coast Dungeon lets ride to Elmina, Ghana (20 minute drive) and check in to our guesthouse named Mable's Table established by none other than our great Brother Mr. Rabbi and his wife who has repatriated to Ghana many years ago! We will rest here for the night.


 DAY 4! (OCTOBER 9th)

After our cleansing breakfast and listening to the calming ocean waves of West Africa let's head to Kakum National Park! It is known for its walkable canopies that are many feet above the ground! Take in the nature sounds, and conquer your courage concerning heights! 

After the Kakum National Park we will grab lunch and later we will visit the Elmina Dungeon! You can see the structure from our Hotel on the ocean. This is yet another place where our ancestors were held before being shipped to the Western World! Take in all the history!!!!


 DAY 5! (OCTOBER 10th)

Ok family, Cape Coast was a blast! There is more to see! We are heading back up to Accra, and rest a bit before moving on! 




Today we head to the Pan-African Village of My Natural Roots! Sitting on the most fertile farmland of two acres, the My Natural Roots Headquarters building is a three story structure that comes with a Conference Center and a Pan-African Library! We have a videographer coming to shoot a YouTube video of your tour of the site! Enjoy! 

After the My Natural Roots Headquarters Tour, we will take a 10 minute drive down the road to a land that has 66 Acres available for sale! We are aiming to build a Pan-African community where we can be each other's own security and guidance into repatriation into the African Continent! This is also a Real-Estate Tour! You can purchase land while on tour if interested and be in close proximity to the My Natural Roots Headquarters! 


 After seeing what the My Natural Roots Organization is building in Ghana, we will head back to the hotel to relax a bit then we will go out to Osu, Accra to enjoy the nightlife of Accra, Ghana! This is the luxury part of Accra! Let's not stay out too late because we have a big travel the next day!

DAY 7! (OCTOBER 12th)

We have rested very well! Now we set off early to see what the Volta Region has to offer! It's a 4 hour drive to the Volta!

DAY 8! (OCTOBER 13th)

We've gotten great rest....now....it is time.....WE ARE CLIMBING THE TALLEST mountain in Ghana! Mt. Afadjato!! Do you have what it takes to make it to the top?! Let's do it!

 We will descend the mountain and have lunch with the chief of the area, Mr. Mawusi and also his wife. Enjoy local Volta food dishes!!!!! 

DAY 9! (OCTOBER 14th)

The next day we will head over to Tagbo Falls!!!! One of the most gorgeous waterfalls in the Volta Region!!! The bottom of the waterfall resides inside of a cooling rainforest!

      We take it in to our hotel/guest home, eat a great dinner and rest!!!! Enjoy the Volta Region! 

All Aboard!!! Volta Region, you have been AMAZING!!! Now let's take the journey back into Accra! 

On our way to Accra, we will stop by the Monkey Sanctuary!!!! The monkeys in this area have close contact with humans! You will be given bananas to feed them, and they will cautiously walk right up to you! If you are skilled enough, you may can even have a monkey sitting on your shoulder happily eating!

When settled in Accra, we will use this day to rest, reflect, and give thanks!


DAY 10! (OCTOBER 15th)

Today we have a couple of places to visit, as they are all close in proximity! First we visit the W.E.B. Dubois Center to learn about the life, works, and intelligence of Dubois. He was the first African-American ever to receive a PhD from Harvard University. He spent his later years here in Ghana and created a Pan-African Library right here in Accra that still stands to this very day!

Next, let's experience the Memorial of the First President of Ghana! The Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park and Mausoleum!!!! Ghana regained its Independence in the year 1957, and Pan-African Kwame Nkrumah worked diligently for the progression of the newly founded African Nation of Ghana!

We have all worked up a bit of an appetite, right?! Lets head on over to Asaase Pa Vegan Restaurant! A popular Plant-Based restaurant that is not far at all from the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial. 


      The tour is winding down a bit! Last but not least we will journey over to the Arts Center for the purchasing of gifts, arts, crafts, and Ghana souvenirs to take back with you to your country of residence! 


This will also be a rest day to commune, gather belongings in preparation for airplane travel, and reflecting on your trip to our Mother Continent! 


 DAY 11! (OCTOBER 16th)

We awake and reflect on the tour. Say our see ya laters and guests will return to their country of residence. Thank you so much for participating! Africa Awaits Her Creators and Her Creation!!!!


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