What To Pack For Ghana 🇬🇭?!?!?

This is a comprised list of items and advice we are offering to take your journey to the African GODtinent to the next level!

Price for tour found here! https://www.mynaturalroots.org/blogs/news/payment-solutions-and-plans

1. Be sure to have your passport (with valid visa from Ghanaian Embassy), and any other legal documents that serve this trip. 

2. As for money, bringing anywhere upwards of at least $700-$1000 USD would be great for free spending money while here. It would be wise to bring this amount already in cash from America, as there is a $5 USD charge at the ATM each time money is withdrawn from international banks. We recommend exchanging a bit of your American money into Ghanaian Cedi at airport, and keeping the rest in USD--exchange more as it is needed. 

 ***IMPORTANT: Call or meet with your bank and let them know that you will be traveling to Ghana, just so if you do use your debit/credit card, they will not raise their fraud alerts, and will not block your card. 

3. The weather in Ghana for most part ranges from lower 70's to upper 80's degrees. This is a tropical atmosphere, so bring sandals, breathable clothing, swimwear/bathing suit and everything you wear in summer!  We would also advise to bring a thin jacket or clothing of your choice for slight warmth as the temperature can at times be chilled in the Volta Region (during night and morning).  Bring mosquito repellant---citronella oil sprays work very well. 

4. Bring a Powerbank for your phone, and other electronics. Having a portable recharge device for your electronics will work wonders for you here in Ghana!

5. Small toiletries and sanitation items that you may need such as towels, wet-wipes, etc. Even small first-aid kits are welcomed. 

6. Pack a casual outfit or two, as we will step out at night at times to enjoy the night-life, and also we will have a celebratory dinner at the closing of our tour!

***These are all recommendations from our experiences in Ghana 🇬🇭 . Feel free to conduct individual research to see what is needed and not needed to take in addition to what has been stated above***



  • Black dude from Texas new to world travel. I watch your YouTube, man, I see you building your home out in Ghana. Congratulations brother. I’m interested in exploring my roots and learning more, and I feel like this is a good place for me to start. How can I get onboard for this tour in 2022?

  • Hello I am interested in coming to the tour you can reach me at my email with more details.

    Rhonda Calhoun
  • it would be nice if I can have a contact number to you. I would like to be on that tour. I just want some more information.thank you

    RAS Kojo
  • 🤙I would like to reserve a set for the Tour. I would greatly appreciate if you would get back to me as soon as possible. Much Love to you for all your outstanding wisdom an knowledge you brought to my life. The daspora really need this assistant’s🤙 One love.🌱

  • I want to go to the tour. Are you giving assistants to people how want land and want to stay.

    Reginald Wright

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